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John and Donna

John and Donna raised four children in their modest two-story farm home. John ran a small roofing business out of the pole barn out back. He added a second story to the barn years ago.

The home served them well, but it was time to downsize. “We need something with less work, less wear and tear on us,” joked Donna.

“All those jumps with full gear on. My knees are shot,” added John.

No, John didn’t jump off roofs. John served in the elite Marine Corps special forces reconnaissance unit. He served two tours in Vietnam, completed 36 parachute jumps behind enemy lines, and was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal for service to his country.

Unfortunately, selling their 127-year-old home became more of a battleground than they anticipated after the village tried to dispute the centuries old property lines.

“I don’t know what we would have done without Lisa. She’s been going to meetings with us. If we couldn’t understand something, she would read it to us and tell us exactly what it is,” said John.

It took eight months of council meetings, legal proceedings and negotiations, but John and Donna’s dream is now reality: a one-story home on a country road with a quiet field across from it.

“She’ll go out of the way for you. Lisa is like family to us now,” said Donna.


Channing and Tinisha

Channing is a deputy sheriff, Tinisha a nurse, specializing in geriatric care. They work hard and, like many couples, frequently work opposite shifts to support the needs of their family.

After renting for many years, they were ready to become home owners and were referred to the Homes 4 Our Brave program by a friend and former client.

“I didn’t even know a program like this existed,” said Channing. “There were a lot of businesses that were involved. People who appreciated us and wanted to help first responders. People really do still respect this profession and understand that it is tough.”

For their first home purchase, they wanted something ideally in Tinisha’s favorite color, gray, with a fireplace, a finished basement and a garage.

“Lisa really listened. She only showed me houses with my specifications and we ended up with a home better than we could have hoped for. She understood who we were as people. Lisa made the whole home-buying process fun,” said Tinisha.

Channing and Tinisha are now settled into their new home. Channing jokes about his new honey-do list. He also feels like his experience has pretty much changed his whole opinion about what he thought the home-buying process would be like.

“I thought the process [of buying a home] would be cut and dry, no flexibility or bend, but it wasn’t like that. The benefits offered through Homes 4 Our Brave were meaningful. Anything to help is greatly appreciated.”


Derek and Hannah

After a summer wedding, high school math and science teachers Derek and Hannah decided to start their new life together by looking for their first home together.

“After going through the wedding process and dealing with tons of vendors, we were used to people who were just trying to sell us something. I never felt that way with Lisa,” said Derek. “She listens, and I truly felt that Lisa worked to find my wife and I the right home.”

Finding the right home wasn’t as easy as the newlywed couple hoped, even though their wish list was modest: a two-story home with a basement, a nice backyard, located close to the schools at which they teach.

“We looked for several weeks. We looked at, went to, 23 or 24 homes at least, plus looked at another 60 or 70 online.”

Derek and Hannah were just starting to think about taking a break from the home search when Lisa sent over a link to a new listing. She took them out to see the home that same day and they immediately put in an offer.

Now they are looking forward to someday having kids and raising their family in this home.

“I would not have known to even look for a program like Homes 4 Our Brave,” said Derek. “Anytime you can save money, it’s great.”

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